An Inbound Marketing Agency

We make the content, tools, process and strategy to help outdoor companies grow faster.

It's Marketing...Turbocharged

 We help outdoor companies who need more leads and sales reach active lifestyle consumers on the web and achieve scalable growth. 

Using a blend of creative content, web design, email marketing and automation, our inbound marketing programs are fine-tuned to your business goals and unique customers. 

Inbound Marketing for Business Growth

As your secret-weapon activation team, we are here to help you grow. We work with business owners and marketing managers to create a unified plan combining content marketing, social publishing, personalization and email automation tuned to the entire buyers journey and your business growth objectives.

Professional Video Production & Content Creation

For more than a decade, our team has been creating content for publications and industry leading brands from Red Bull to RacerX, UBCO to Oregon Trail’r. We film on American-made RED cinema cameras and are passionate adventure storytellers with a wide range of published work. Click below to learn more about the process and see some of our favorite video projects to date.

How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

After a series of deep dives into your challenges and goals, we’ll build a comprehensive plan and timeline to help you demolish your business goals and build a long-term competitive advantage.  Each month, we’ll collaborate on video projects, plan & deliver email marketing campaigns, measure the results and continually refine the process to delight each of your customers.

  • Attract Visitors
  • Convert Leads
  • Close Deals
  • Delight Customers

Attract Visitors

Drive Visitors to your website with tactics like: 

  • High Quality Video & Content Creation
  • Landing Pages & Conversion Path Creation
  • Blogging
  • Social Publishing

Convert Leads

Help Visitors Become Customers: 

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing & Automation
  • High-Value Content Offers
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment

Close Deals

Master the Numbers Game of Business Growth

  • CRM Setup & Optimization
  • Bottom of Funnel Offer Creation
  • A/B Testing
  • Reporting & Analysis

Stoke Your Customers

A stoked customer is your best brand ambassador

  • Thank you pages
  • Onboarding Email Sequences
  • Surveys / NPS Scoring
  • Personalized recommendations

Marketing Tips & Recent Work

How to Market and Grow an Outdoor Adventure Company

How to Market and Grow an Outdoor Adventure Company

It’s February in our town and the outdoor season is coming on full swing. River guides, lodges, resorts and boat tours are gearing up for another season on the Wild n’ Scenic rivers running through Southern Oregon. In fact - it’s one of the largest tourism draws in...

Should I Hire an Employee or an Agency?

Should I Hire an Employee or an Agency?

Should I hire an employee or an agency? When a small organization begins to grow, a matter of bandwidth will inevitably arise. For most entrepreneurs we work with, it is common to create a new role and hire someone to fill it. Alternatively, they can seek an agency...

Always Be Helping: A Mantra for Success

Always Be Helping: A Mantra for Success

For most boutique agency owners and content creators, the ebb and flow of project work is a brutal cyclical tide. At its peak, it’s a chaotic crash of projects landing on the shores of a 14-hour workday. And when the work recedes back to low tide, one is left checking...

Traxxas Monster Truck Tour

Traxxas Monster Truck Tour

Mellowest was on hand capturing the action at the Traxxas Monster Truck Tour in Medford, Oregon and Redmond, Oregon.

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