Video Production

We help companies create epic content and get it out to the world. WIth deep roots in action sports journalism, we’re expert storytellers ready to help our clients through the entire production process.  Starting with your goals for the project and the viewer in mind, we’ll guide you through pre-production, shooting, and post-production processes with a collaborative vibe and passion for the creative work. 


Films by Mellowest

Vonzipper: I Am A Freewheeler

British Customs’ Beach Sled

Building America ft. Legacy Contracting Inc

Monster X Tour | Aloha Stadium Announcement

Oregon Trail’r | Overland’r Part II

Will Video Help My Business? 

Video is a highly effective way to attract strangers to your brand and engage with your customer community. 

We produce compelling narratives and stunning visuals delivered in 4K for clients in a broad range of industries. Used at each stage of the buyer’s journey, it’s a powerful tool to drive sales and increase customer value. 

    What Kind of Video Should I Make? 

    Start with the end in mind: What does this video need to accomplish? Who does it need to help?
    From product demos to customer features, studies show that video can drive big benefits to your website and bottom line. Popular types of videos we create include:

    • Commercial
    • Testimonial Video
    • Explainer / How-To Video
    • Mini-Doc

    The Video Production Process: Step By Step

    1. Define Your Goals

    What does this video need to accomplish? 

    3. Video Production

    Complete video production services shot on American-made RED Digital Cinema Cameras    

    2. Storyboarding & Planning

    Create a visual storyboard and plan for your video project.

    4. Video Launch Support

     Distribution and advertising support to maximize the value of your video campaign.  

    Let's Talk About Your Shoot

    Launching a new product? Need more visitors to your website? Customers need a lesson? Schedule a call with us to learn more about the production process and discuss your goals for the project.