Video is a driving force of commerce in today’s brand building mix. Behind every popular product, every recognized brand and every groundswell movement is video content.

So, how can video marketing help your business?  One way is to take advantage of new video trends to capture attention and create a memorable experience.

Why Video is the Best Marketing Tool:

If a picture says a thousand words, a video says 23,000 words per second. While there are many styles of videos you should create, these are 4 types of videos that will help companies boost engagement and create a long-term competitive advantage. 


The world has enough influencers: the high society of social media has begun to feel a bit exclusive, and customers don’t want to feel left out. Highlighting a customer who embodies your ideal buyer persona with a hero video puts consumers in their shoes and your products on display.

This video must feel authentic, drawing the viewer into the life of your customer. When great visuals are paired with a powerful storyline, the resulting video will be an aspirational beacon with the power to attract new visitors into your sphere and inspire their daily lives. 
The goals here are threefold:

Inspire the audience with emotional and relatable stories
Educate the audience with useful information
Entertain the audience by surprising them, making them laugh or sharing spectacular content


Mobile-First Video Content:

88% of marketers using video reported that it delivers a positive ROI – up from just 33% in 2015. One of the primary drivers of this increase is a huge increase in mobile video consumption.

Are you cropping your videos in a vertical 5:4 format? Are you leveraging IGTV to serve longform videos to Instagram users? Are you giving fans a window into your business with live video and Stories?

Customizing content for each channel is essential to connecting with your audience. For each social media channel is a set of nuanced preferences and best practices. For your content campaigns to work, you need to think about how you can make it the best experience for your audience.


360 Degree, AR & VR Video:

Developments in 360 tech have made immersive, 360 video capture easier than ever. Our new favorite camera for the task is the GoPro Hero MAX 360: It provides full-res front-facing action camera and a mount-anywhere, perspective-altering 360 views.

360 video creates a unique experience: It also drives a 7% purchase intent increase on iPhones. For action sports and outdoor brands, 360 video puts your customers in the driver’s seat, the shoes, the wings and the environments where your products are used.

Capture your next event in 360 and let customers choose the view of unfolding events. Highlight an adventure, product test or brand ambassador with a full-circle view of their world.


Video in the Sales Process:

Back in the day, the customer’s journey to purchase used to look like a funnel. The general philosophy being, cram as many visitors into the funnel and a percentage of them will eventually convert into customers.

Today, we use a flywheel model: A circular representation of a funnel with the primary stages of Attract, Convert, and Delight. Designing content for each one of these stages increases the velocity of your flywheel, driving more word of mouth leads, more visitors, more customers, and overall awesome experience.

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