About Us

Mellowest is a strategic content first creative agency focused on driving business growth. We are located in Cave Junction, Oregon, serving clients throughout Oregon, California and Washington specializing in original content developed to drive awareness, interest, intent and interaction.  Our goal is to help you generate business growth using the best elements of video, content marketing, email, social media and automation.

As members of our community, we strive to use our abilities and resources to give back in our local region working alongside our community leaders to develop rich outdoor recreation and new business opportunities diversifying the economy of an area once ruled by the timber industry. 

Have some questions? Drop us a line using the form below or explore our Inbound Marketing and Video Production pages to learn more about the process and see some of our work. 


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Aran Eversman

Creative Director / Partner

Aran Eversman is a career action sports media professional and the Creative Director for Mellowest.  An early morning enthusiast, Bulletproof Coffee Drinker and adrenaline junkie, his full-throttle enthusiasm and love of the creative process are the perfect match for the fast paced dynamics of cutting edge marketing. 

CONTACT:  ✉︎ aran@mellowest.co // ☎︎ 541.244.8055