Our Top Tips for Construction Company Marketing

Building a pipeline of leads and customers to your business is essential in 2021. For construction companies, there is no better way to show the quality of your work and engage new potential customers. 

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“Aran and his team at Mellowest are the epitome of professional. They produce high quality work and do it quickly. I have used them for video production, workflows, list management, web design, SEO and so much more. It’s bittersweet writing this as I know my secret gem of an agency is going to have a ton of work going forward, however, they deserve it and it’s time for others to share in their exceptional abilities.”

John Downing
President, Thunder Funding

Your website is your best salesperson.

Use your website to get more leads, show your work and lead your industry

 Mellowest works with construction companies to build their digital footproint online.

Our proven program will capture your work, engage website visitors and set sales teams up for success. We focus on your customer’s needs and doing business in a human and helpful way. Inbound marketing is a better way to market, a better way to sell, and a better way to serve your customers.

Common challenges our customers face: 

"Not Enough TIme"

You’re swamped and can’t prioritize everything on your to-do list

"Too Many Tools"

You are paying for too many tools and  haven’t mastered any of them

"We Have a Guy"

Your content guy/girl is awesome but they are really busy or slow to deliver

"Need More Leads"

Your salespeople need more quality leads to keep them productive all day

"Thanks For Visiting"

You get inquiries online but have no process to respond to them efficiently.

"Need More Visitors"

You invested a lot into a quality website, but it’s not driving the traffic you need

"Crashed the drone"

Your Farm or Project manager crashed the drone you were going to use for marketing vids this season

"Video Doesn't Work"

You’ve made a video before: It got 50 views, no calls and made a big hole in your wallet. 

"holes in our funnel"

You have lots of prospects, but many of them seem to fall through the cracks

If any of these problems sound familiar, don’t worry, we can help!