It’s February in our town and the outdoor season is coming on full swing. River guides, lodges, resorts and boat tours are gearing up for another season on the Wild n’ Scenic rivers running through Southern Oregon. In fact – it’s one of the largest tourism draws in the state. Are you cashing in on the tourism boom? 

With so much of the local economy hinging on a successful tourism season, adventure companies must drive a consistent flow of bookings, create great experiences and generate lots of positive reviews…or face the potential perils of a slump.

When it comes to attracting new customers and bringing existing ones back for another tour, you have to start with one primary goal:

Get Found Online

Getting discovered online is key to growing your business. By now, most professional outfits have sophisticated websites, online booking, videos and more. But is it working? A lot of our customers have invested heavily in their online presence but aren’t getting the results they need to sustain year over year growth.

So, does content marketing work?

YES! To drive more customers and increase revenue, you have 3 “levers” that can be pulled:

Lever #1: The Traffic Lever

You need to drive more qualified traffic to your site. Companies that drive lots of traffic use video, blogs, social media, and paid ads to attract new visitors to their website.

Lever #2: The Nurture Lever
Have lots of people coming to your site, but still aren’t seeing the bookings you need? Take a look at the unique needs of your customers and nurture visitors with relevant information at each stage of the buyer’s journey. You want to actively move the prospects you’ve created through your marketing and lead generation efforts, to the point where they become paying customers.

Lever #3: The Sales Lever
Help get those leads ready to book at a faster clip! We can help you design processes to seamlessly handoff website visitors to your booking team and scheduled for a trip.

Our job is to create the right blend all three to help you generate leads 24/7 and land more customers all year long. Our inbound marketing campaigns designed to help you grow and reach goals for the business. Working backwards from your revenue targets, our team will build and launch a plan to attract, nurture and delight your customers and help drive business growth.

If you’re want more business and a competitive advantage, “always be helping” is the way to grow a business in 2020!