Should I hire an employee or an agency?

When a small organization begins to grow, a matter of bandwidth will inevitably arise. For most entrepreneurs we work with, it is common to create a new role and hire someone to fill it.

Alternatively, they can seek an agency that specializes in growth. While both options have their merits, small businesses may find that an agency provides the most direct route to business growth.

Pros to an Individual Employee:

    • They are embedded in the company culture
    • May be easier to budget for
    • No competition for their time

Cons to an Individual Employee:

    • They may not have all the skillsets needed
    • Training can be costly and inefficient in a fast-paced environment
    • Salary and benefits can be costly

Hiring a single “marketing generalist” capable of doing everything the job requires runs the risk that they may not very be good at any of it. Often, the hiring of a dedicated marketing staffer creates dovetailing silos: Sales, and Marketing.  Chances are, Sales has some established processes based on customer behavior and sales team experience. The new marketing hire, on the other hand, maybe biased towards his experience, skillsets, and preferences.

On the other hand, an agency can provide expertise in the specific areas you need help. Instead of relying on a single person to get the job done, you’ll have a team of experts implementing a plan based on your business goals.

Pros to an Inbound Agency:

    • They have multiple experts and proven processes
    • Puts Sales and Marketing in alignment
    • The best ones have deep knowledge and experience in your industry
    • Less time to train and onboard: They can drive results faster
    • One point of contact for multiple facets of the business
    • Invested in professional video & photo equipment (so you don’t have to)

The benefits of hiring an inbound marketing agency are clear. Most of the time, they are less expensive than an individual employee while providing access to more talent, more equipment and a proven process for achieving results.

Hiring an inbound marketing agency is a big decision. Look for ones that lay out a clear, concise plan with realistic milestones backed by SMART Goals.

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